Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bad Mama...

I have been horrible at updating my blog. In fact, it might be a bit worse than horrible...BUT, I have some photos and updates for you today! :)

Lil' Peanut, aka Charlie, was born on Christmas Day at 2:30 am. We labored ALL day Christmas Eve with back labor. We decided to head to St Mary's around 5:30 pm and we were admitted at 6pm. To make a long story short:

Back labor = no fun
Pain reducing shot = sickness
Big baby - small Mama - dramatic drops in heart rate = cesarean
Cesarean = beautiful baby boy

Having a baby of your own has been a lot of what I had expected. We are very lucky, however, Charlie is a very good baby for us. He sleeps in pretty good chunks throughout the night, he is eating well and he might be the cutest baby that I have ever met. ;)

This weekend, while my parents were here, Charlie mastered the skill of "chatting". He had a very long conversation with Grandma yesterday. There were lots of "coos", gurgles, "ahhs" and smiles. He also had a few things to share with Grandpa too! He is holding his head up more and more each day. I am also convinced that he changes in looks overnight every night!

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Brad and I are convinced that we have the sweetest lil' Valentine around. Remember to squeeze your loved ones tight, and smother them with kisses. XOXO

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