Monday, October 19, 2009

Polka Dots

Yay! Finally, the dots are on the wall! :) I actually just got the valance today too. That will be going up shortly...



So - updates. We are at 31.5 weeks. I am going every other week to the Doc now. Needless to say, stepping on the scale every other week is tending to be a scary occurrence. I SWEAR that thing is incorrect. Blah. Baby/belly is measuring right on. I haven't take a picture of myself since the last post. I am not sure if one is in my future... :)

I know that I meant to includes LOTS of info for you all - I am also aware that my mind has left me...I will post again soon.

We are trying to get Cal used to all of this Baby stuff. She is getting accustomed to the music coming from the bassinet, she has sniffed the onesies over and over and over and - I believe that she is going to be a pretty good watch dog...

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  1. LOVE the polka dots! Will you come do the girls' room? You're almost there!!!